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LaKisha Harris joins us for a very special few episodes from her very humble home kitchen with a special purpose!  We have a guest chef with her this week who also happens to be her sister Destinee!  Two sisters that can cook?  Probably not the most shocking thing to learn as we all know that LaKisha is from a culinary family.  Destinee has Asperger's Syndrome and is joining Lakisha to show off some of her recipes, she's in the game to say that she's got the goods too! 

With the "Big Game" coming up, the idea this week is to share something for to serve while enjoying the game.  Scribs Pizza is a local favorite here in Muskegon so Lakisha is taking some of the key ingreidents they put on their pies and adding them to the delectable presentation in a muffin tin.  These are great party food and they are also great for kids lunches or after school snacks! The ingreditents are fairly simple, the process is not too hard and the outcome dimmed in more pizza sauce or ranch... you're going to be the hit of the party.

Let's head to the apartment kitchen of Soul Filled and meet the "sisters".


The world loves a good pizza, and the ease of making something fun, hand held and dippable for the biggest game of the year is now yours to tackle!  LaKisha is always coming up with ways to not only share amazing food experiences with you, she works to help bring out the best in others by bringing them on camera to show what they can do too!  This time it's her sister Destinee and we'll see her for a couple more episodes in the near future as well.  

One good way to keep up with LaKisha is to FOLLOW HER ON FACEBOOK.  She's got pop up lunch menu's happening from time to time and she will even deliver to your place if the order is there.  Make sure you follow her page for details.

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