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Like any super specialized field, there are those who think that they know a thing or two and that what they were able to pick up online is an adequate lesson and what they have heard some friends talking about could be applicable because they "know a lot of things".  Well....luckily we have Shon Cook, Founder of Tabono Law here weekly to share some true thoughts on what's often heard and what can easily become a myth if it's been going around long enough about the legal world.

Shon's sharing three specific examples this week about things that are common misconceptions about legal proceedings and some of which can actually be detrimental to the process if they are not taken care of properly by ethical professionals who's job it is to seek the best outcome for their clients.  Abandonment?  Is it even a thing?  Well, define "abandonment".  Which Shon does.  Next, Can one Attorney represent both sides of a case?  Not really.  Some paperwork could be drawn up but the level of nuance to this and the places that the confusion comes in are entirely too high or risk and Shon does a masterful job explaining and finally....marital assets?  Does the idea of "he'll take his stuff, and she'll take hers" apply?  You're going to most likely have some hoops to get through.

Pay close attention this week and know that this is presented as general information.  Every case is unique and this advice is a beginning of what you need to know.  If in fact you are in need of an attorney, please make sure that you find qualified help that can assist you and make sure that you are taken care of in the best possible way. 



You can work under the assumption of hearsay when it comes to what you need to know in the legal world, or you can go with what you heard form one guy or another who knew a guy who once had an attorney get it.  Or, you can rely on some rock solid advice here from Shon so you walk into her office or another attorney's with enough knowledge to ask the right questions.  It's a matter of getting to the actual facts and the nuts and bolts of any case to help Shon work to attain the best outcome for her clients.  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SHON DIRECTLY.  VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE HERE. Prefer to call?  231-894-0909!


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