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We're back in the private kitchen of LaKisha Harris and her sister Destinee this week for another swing at some Soul Filled deliciousness.  One of the things that LaKisha has been just incredible with in her show on the Muskegon Channel is sharing the screen time with others to give them a chance to shine and show off their abilities.  Her sister Destinee comes from the same crew who all learned cooking while the moms and grandma's did the cooking,  she just goes a little slower with her Asperger's Syndrome and working at home is much more comfortable.  BUT!  She's doing it!

This week, we're going whole hog on some pork chops and mashed taters.  It begins with the seasonings on the meat and Destinee takes you through all that.  Pan seared and sizzlin' they move on to the sauce and they take the easy way with some instant mashed potatoes for the presentation.  (Editors comment....LOVE instant mashed).  The plating and drizzle is spectacular and the mouthwatering presentation will send you right out the door for your own side of pork to get going on dinner tonight!



Like anything LaKishia has done, togetherness is the focus around food.  To spend time with family is generally the reason for a big meal preparation and having her sister right there on the spot to shows a side of LaKishia we're very fortunate to be able to share, her incredible heart.  They are like any other sister really.  Off camera they pick on each other, they tell inside jokes, they know what the other will do without saying a word and on the next episode...they will be sharing a little more than their cooking ability.  Stay tuned!

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