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Status Quo - By definition "the existing state of affairs".  Simply put, keep doing what you are doing.  In the case of a divorce, it's a term placed to keep either party doing what they are doing until a decision can be made to help resolve the case by a judge and the final decisions are set.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well...Shon Cook from Tabono Law has seen more than her fair share of things over the years where the idea of "sticking to the plan" during a divorce may have "veered" and this week, she's sharing some thoughts.

If a judge places a status quo order the idea is to keep on handling what you are.  Are you responsible for the utilities?  Then keep paying them.  Are you in charge of paying the house payment?  Don't stop.  Are you the funder of the private school through a direct debit to your checking account?  Leave auto pay on.  Where do we find the "snag"?  Well, we are talking about a divorce here and it's pretty impossible to keep emotion from playing in to the idea of all that's entailed in the end of a marriage.  The court may place a status quo order to keep things going the way they are while the process is working out and to get to find out what the status quo might take some work.  Disclosure of all of the "nuts and bolts" of finances and accounts comes in to play here.  

Shon takes the time to explain the order and the purpose this week along with some of the things that may pop up.  Some questions arise as well about "what if" and it's a pretty informative segment on what is probably a pretty common issue in Family Court proceedings.  Take a listen.



Sticking to "what was" might be difficult when the past is going to be the past and the future is uncertain.  It's a hard process to end a marriage, but if the options have run out and the basic fact is that it's not possible to function any longer on what is.....steps need to be taken.  Yes, the idea of dividing things up and finding a way to get the best possible outcome for all is the job of the attorneys and the court and they are the guides for you to make this transition as seamless as possible.  

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