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We're going to maximize the gains this week!  Becky is focusing on the arms and upper body...while not neglecting the rest of ya.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health and is the weekly kick off on the Muskegon Channel and it's brought to you by Trinity Health.

Becky has picked a kettle bell weight to add to the workout. It's a versatile tool to help push things a little further and you can pick a weight that is comfortable to your level.  If you don't have a kettle bell a dumbbell works as well or any other kind of resistance you can add in.   If you are just a beginner, none is needed at all.  Fully customizable to your pace and speed, with the importance being that you are here and doing it.  The suggestion is 3-4 times through the workout for the ideal impact and if you can come back and do that twice a day, you are one step further ahead. 

Like any workout program, make sure that you've consulted with a Dr. before you begin.  Drink plenty of water, and remember to warm up and stretch out before you begin!!  We're at the temporary home of the Neal Fitness Center for this weeks show!  Let's get to it!  It's episode 263 of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health.



Alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic?  I think that's how the song went!  Hey, good on ya!  Stay the course and keep coming back for more.  We're here every Monday with a new Fit and Healthy and the chance to grab the reigns and make best use of this is exactly what we hope you'll find!!  

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