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Got your attention didn't we!  Who doesn't want a chance to go to the bar?  But, it is a Monday morning and this show does publish at 6am may be a bit of a misleading headline.  Gotta do what it takes to grab some attention now a days.  Fit and Healthy is all about giving you a way to slip in a workout at your pace, in your space and with the assurance that a Certified Personal Trainer is designing a program for you.  It's brought to you by Trinity Health!

This week, Becky is breaking out a barbell minus any additional weight.  She's covering all the bases and working your core, arms legs and back.  The benefit of this is to offer some resistance and balance while you are going through the motions.  This workout is possible as well to be accomplished without the addition of a barbell, just follow the steps without the instrument.  

Like any other workout program, please consult your doctor before you begin.  Make sure to drink plenty of water, warm up and stretch out.  It's episode 265 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.


It's a launch into a new week and a great start!! Remember that it's a 3 time through work out for the full effect and you can really dig in if you do the workout a couple times a day!!  If you enjoy this on a mobile device, great...if you have a Roku or Fire TV device download the Muskegon Channel app for it and watch on a bigger screen!  Any way you do it, it's an improvement in you.  We are thankful that you join us and thankful too to Trinity Health for bringing you Fit and Healthy With Becky.

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