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Shon Cook is the Founder of Tabono Law and this week, she's back to discuss what happens is a "settlement" is at the one yard line and it all seems like a done deal....and then all the sudden, it's not.  A settlement is the goal of any proceeding in the legal field really, especially when it's pre trial and an amazing way to get things decided when you don't have to leave the decisions up to a judge.

A settlement can come through arbitration as well as mediation both of which are offered at Tabono Law.  It's the agreement between two parties that have differences on what they hope the outcome to be over division of assets or maybe it's the parenting time in a divorce.  A settlement is a way to maintain control of the situation, save on cost and keep the idea of a decision being made by guidelines that someone with no ties to the case other than a bench and a robe has to follow when they pass down what's to come of it.

Well, a settlement isn't exactly finished until the ink is on the paper and the approval is there.  This leaves some room for error, as well as some chances to have things not work out the way they were intended when it comes to the terms of what was agreed upon.  More often than not, it's an omission or maybe human error, but there can be some who might try and see what they can get away with to benefit their client over the opposing attorney and if you don't have someone who's as sharp as Shon and her team,'re running a risk.

The Muskegon legal community is generally pretty amicable and not often out to try and one up one another, that's one nice thing about a little smaller community, so that trickery might not often get played out, but Shon is explaining how things can fall a part this week as well as how she and her team detail it to clients to make sure that once it's's signed, with very few exceptions.  Take a listen. 


The decisions made in any kind of legal agreement can impact lives forever.  If not forever, think of a settlement over child support for an infant until they are of age.  Making sure that it's all signed, sealed and delivered is the reason there are people in the legal field and they put the time and dedication in to help arbitrate, mediate or if need be litigate on your behalf.  If you need help, call 231-894-0909CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SHON DIRECTLY and of course, you can visit TABONO LAW ONLINE.  

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