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We're very excited to welcome Bob Scolnik to the fold here at the Muskegon Channel.  If you're from the Muskegon Area, chances are you are more than familiar with Bob and his career, his philanthropy and his approach to life which is a treasured outlook of wisdom and generational kindness.  If you are not from the Muskegon area, Bob is a self made man who's built and grown business in his time here, was married to his beloved wife Merle for 50 years, served in local politics for 30 and with his success, he's returned his good fortune and continues to do so in more ways than most will ever know.  Bob "retired" at 78 but we thought...not so fast.  How about a ride off into the sunset.  Bob graciously agreed.

With quite a sense of adventure and some humor in him, his first suggestion was to visit his pedicurist and tape a segment.  Thinking that he'd get a laugh, he was surprised to hear "That's a great idea!  You can talk about the importance of foot care for older people, the essential parts of what a pedicurist does and how they can help the ease and comfort of those who have foot problems like neuropathy, diabetes, ingrown toenails and more!"  Shaking his head a little, Bob grabbed out a pad of paper and began writing down questions.  Yes Bob, broadcasting is fun....but we provide value in the information as well.

So, bright and early on a Friday morning, we met up at the Lakeshore Dermatology Laser and Medical Spa.  It's a very comfortable and welcoming setting with a friendly staff and the offerings you'd find in other places, and almost the same prices....but the atmosphere is so relaxing and professional it stands out from the rest the minute you walk in.  Just inside the "nail room" you find all the things a manicure/ pedicurist needs along with a big comfortable chair and warm tub for the feet.  Bob plopped right down and got to it with the assistance of a long time veteran in the business, Karen Tiefenthal.  Karen began as a hair dresser but transitioned into nails after some time off to raise her kids.

Take a listen to the conversation between Bob and Karen and learn a little more about the importance, and enjoyment of proper foot care.



Scrubbed up, clipped up and ready to go for the next month!  Not too shabby for a first time reporter either huh?  Here's another important part of Bob's visit to the pedicurist.  Companionship.  In the chair, it takes about an hour for the procedure to be done.  In that time, like in any other personal service, people get a chance to talk...share and catch up on things.  It's a break from the day to day and while some may use a barbershop or a breakfast gathering to enjoy the company of friends, personal care time is equally important and to just take a little time to relax and's the icing on the cake when it comes to something like a visit to a pedicurist.  Bob spreads his special charm as he does everywhere and he leaves feeling good.  It's a win win for matter who's walking on those or woman.  You can visit the Lakeshore Dermatology Laser and Medical Spa online and see about an appointment with Karen or any of their estheticians for some personal care of your own!   

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