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We're catching up on our commitment to the Step it Up Muskegon program.  February is a short month and busy is good, but we're sticking to our commitment of making sure that we're helping out those who are doing something remarkable for someone who's doing more than their part with partners Tabono Law and Scherdel Manufacturing and Sales.  Our $1000 recipient for February is Project Hero Hugs!

Sandra Howe began this when a neighbor who was serving in the Armed Forces was lost in action.  Like a lot of incredible outpourings, a tragedy is often the spark that ignites a thought that turns in to something a little more and then when others see the power of good, they jump in and things really get rolling.  2016 was when things got started when Sandra's some asked for "something special" to mark the 10 year anniversary of the loss of the friend and neighbor.  One bear later and a few scraps of material left from his uniform and a precious memory was created.  

Scraps, bits and pieces, small donations and some buy in from others, things got growing quickly even while Sandra wasn't working her self and over the fist year, what was scrap and surplus was turned into keepsake bears and distributed to veterans on the Mid Michigan Honor Flights or they can get to people by contacting Sandra directly through the Project Hero Hugs Facebook Page.  Since 2016, she's placed 3000 of these bears and the goal of 2023 is to make it to 4000.  That's an awful lot of teddy bears.

The material in the design is that of surplus uniforms and the zero waste idea of making these, the buttons from the uniforms are the eyes of the bears.  It's a lean and efficient operation.  Help?  There's more than you'd think at times.  Sandra works at Ferris and to take a look at her Facebook page and see rooms filled with college kids on sewing machines helping pitch in, it's not only a lesson in sewing, it's a lesson in life.

We met Sandra at Tabono Law with Shon.  Cynthia Langlois from Scherdel had a scheduling conflict at the very last minute and couldn't make it, we were sorry to miss her.  Take a listen to Sandra's story.


Don't you just love when one person starts a movement like this?  It's the kindness and compassion of a mom, neighbor and friend that elevates so many and a small act of kindness that amplifies like it does when it hits a spot that even the strongest still identify with as safety and comfort.  To serve the USA in the military is an honor of the highest order and to be acknowledged in a way that has the compassion and care like it does with Project Hero Hugs is a warm offering of thanks from a deeply appreciative group, led by one woman who began it all.  Our thanks to Sandra Howe for being a true light in the world, and a little help from Tabono Law and Scherdel.

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