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Shon Cook is the founder of Tabono Law and a great sponsor of our work and weekly contributor of some really sound advice in the legal world on Saturdays With Shon.  We are always appreciative of her ability to explain some of the most technical and trying legal stuff in a way that people can easily understand and make sense of.  Her time and dedication to this endeavor is unparalleled and her commitment to her clients and the overall knowledge of those seeking legal advice, is second to none.

This week, it's a deeper dig into a divorce proceeding than most might think.  If a marriage is long established and a good amount of assets have been accumulated, there should probably be some estate plans.  An estate plan allows you to pass your money, property, and assets to your family in the most efficient way possible while keeping your finances private. It can also help you maintain control of your finances after you pass away and reduce estate taxes.  If the marriage is ending, this has to be opened and sorted out in the process.  Like any other assets in a marriage, figuring out the balance between the two parties is the key and to make it as "fair" as it can be is the goal.

It's a big endeavor, it's an awful lot to handle and to attempt this as a "DIY" is really something that should be a forgotten idea.  There is too much complicated work and too much to think of when it comes to the difficult process of a divorce in a long term marriage and Shon help explain it all.  Take a listen. 


Divorce is on par with losing a child when it comes to difficult life events.  The help of a highly qualified attorney like Shon and her team at Tabono Law is essential to help people sort out the assets, liabilities and more to get to where healing can begin, and life can carry on.  If you need a hand, 231-894-0909CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SHON DIRECTLY. Visit TABONO LAW ONLINE

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