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We paid a visit to Tabono Law to catch up with Founder Shon Cook this week to do our weekly chat!  Shon is a sponsor and contributor of the Muskegon Channel and she's a master at making what's difficult in the world of legal speak understandable and accessible to those who don't practice in the field.  It's that expertise boiled down to a conversational approach that is what makes Shon the immediate choice for so many when it comes to Family Law in West Michigan.

This week, she's talking about defaulting in court.  We're all pretty familiar with defaulting on a loan, or maybe we know someone who's defaulted on a mortgage.  Life happens, and the consequences of the word "default" are generally enough to get anyone to think twice about getting "up on the wheel" and getting things taken care of.  In a default on a loan, you may lose a house or a car.  If you however default in court, there could be a lot more at risk.

By not responding to a legal action, you are defaulting.  If that is the case, the assumption is that you're not worried about the who petitioned get their way.  Can you see where this is heading?  By not answering to the court, you are giving up what you could lose and anything that might be requested in the future of the agreement.  Think of that if you were in a divorce proceeding and something was in the agreement you didn't want or know about?  Shon explains defaults, consequences and if there's a second chance.  Take a listen.



In a society that too often thinks that ignoring a problem will "go away", thinking that involvement with the courts will just stop happening if you leave it on a shelf, will really be a bad idea.  A court proceeding is the last place anyone wants to be, but it's also a necessity at times and to do your part....for your own good is what this weeks episode is all about.  Be responsible and attentive should you be involved in anything with the court system and should you need the help of a highly qualified team of legal professionals, call 231-894-0909, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE


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