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We are back at the abode of Wild Game Chef Skeeter Beckman, who's also a close personal friend and class mate of Lakisha Harris from Reeths- Puffer!  This week, Skeeter is going to show you a really quick and easy way to offer an appetizer or snack to your friends and guests with his AMAZING Bang Bang Shrimp! 


While this is a fairly simple recipe, the idea of it is exactly what you see play out in the video. It's communal gathering around food!  Outside of water and air, it's the one absolute we all have in common and sharing what works to keep our ties together and our bonds bonded, hey....knowledge is power and when everyone likes what they are eating, they stay longer right?  You need not be lifelong friends like Lakisha and Skeeter to learn more about culinary delights.  Next time your somewhere....ask.  Compliment the host and ask how something was made.  See if they will share the recipe!  Add to that culture of inclusion by slipping it in.  It's as simple as that.

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