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What do you think of when you hear fig?  For me, it's a cookie my grandma used to keep around and I hated, still ate but hated...and today, I find myself "kinda" liking them but maybe that's just for the memory?  Maybe once a year for a fig cookie.  For Shon, a FIG is a Facilitated Information Gathering Conference that is applicable to divorce and custody proceedings.  


Getting an understanding around the specifics when it comes to the kids is essential at a FIG conference with trained mediators on hand to help those in the dust up discuss parenting time, child support and custody.  Custody in the idea of decision making, insurance coverage and all the really big important stuff.  When a FIG conference happens, there's usually a little tension.  Setting something up in a temporary basis while forward motion is worked toward is the key and it takes some people specialized in proceedings to attain the goal.  

There are really good advisory helpers from the State of Michigan to help.  THE PARENTING TIME GUIDELINE is an awesome place to begin for anyone separating with kids involved.  After that as things move ahead, that's when the help of a FIG conference might come into play so that the proceedings can be brought to a resolution and people can move on.  There are cases however that need to be reviewed down the line and of course, establishing a relationship with an awesome legal team like Tabono Law is a great way to assure that the outcome is best for all involved. 

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