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Wedding season is getting in to full swing!  We're going to be seeing a lot of pics of the happily newlywed couples all over our social media feeds in the next few months as the celebrations begin and the happily ever after is sought.  Shon herself was part of a wedding of one of her own very recently and at the suggestion of "what to talk about" in this episode, she came up with some common thoughts for those who are setting a course on their own.



In no way is this weeks episode anything other than some practical advice.  Who really wants to hear the worst case scenario when the beginning of life together has just crossed the starting line?  However, in all of the excitement around the nuptials, some things may get overlooked or not considered should the wheels fall off the cart.  Questions like assets held before the wedding, any large amounts of money given from one side of the family or the other, even the courts view on the rings.  These are just things to be considered should things not work out.  In a marriage of young people, "assets" have generally not been established like IRA's investments, but there are some things to be taken into consideration and this is a thought starter. 

The team at Tabono Law is dedicated to helping their clients achieve the best possible outcome.  Sometimes, that's sharing a little practical advice in advance like this weeks episode.  If you are in need of legal assistance, call 231-894-0909 you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly and of course, VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE or on the photo below. 

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