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Every Woman's Place is our community resource for those who are victims of domestic and sexual assault.  We have been a long time partner with them and their purposeful work to assure that anyone who's a victim of this kind of violence is given the best care they can receive, as well as there's enough support and education out there to help those who wish to escape the situation or, put an end to it.  Sei Bella Tattoo and Spirit 33....well, it's a body art shop and spiritual and metaphysical shop and it's women owned and operated.  Bet you can see where this one is going.



Chrissy Robison is the owner of the operation and the new addition to the family 2 doors down.  Sei Bella 2!  You'll find incredible artists who can make your dream of an amazing tattoo come to life, pierce what ya gotta have pierced or maybe help you with some crystals or other items if you prefer a method of prayer and relaxation that utilizes them.  It's one of Muskegon's biggest success stories and to see the accomplishment continue to grow is amazing as well as knowing that they are taking their growth and putting it toward good by helping out Every Woman's Place. 

This is the 3rd official year of the Summer Yard Party at Sei Bella on Summit in Roosevelt Park.  Just off Henry Street on July 8th from 2-8p you'll find plenty of reasons to stop in.  Kids and adults can enjoy temporary tattoos and there will be walk up piercings offered.  Silent auction as well as a raffle.  refreshments served and yard games to be played.  A safe environment for all and a really great way to benefit such an important cause.  With all that's going on in Muskegon too, the really great thing about the Sei Bella party is that you can drop in anytime.  Just make it a stop on your list of things to do that Saturday and help them help Every Woman's Place a little bit.  They will even be offering "fancy s'mores"'ll have to stop in to find out more!

Chrissy and her staff are just incredible people.  Their passion for their work and their love for peace, grace and community is second to none.  We are awfully proud to be invited back year after year to help spread the word because after all, to see the determination and drive between 2 organizations like Sei Bella and Every Woman's Place, well, that kind of energy brings out more.  We'll always find a way.  Mark your calendar for July 8th at 2p and stop in and see Chrissy and staff at Sei Bella. 

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