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This week Jodi is welcoming a retired Poloce Officer who's just moved to the area named Adam Sherman.  Adam spent his career in the K-9 area of the job and like any officer who's partner was man's best friend, the incredible relationship they share is a bond that not many understand.  Adam discusses his time in training and caring for his partner in this weeks episode of Dog Blessed.


Like any partnership, the relationship between a K-9 officer and the dog begins early with a lot of learning and trust.  Over time they can almost react to one another with eye contact and it's truly an incredible way for dogs to show people just how much they can do when it comes to any number of things.  From tracking live people on the run, to finding drugs and even working in wreckage to help recover those lost in some tragedy or another, the dogs who are trained as any other first responder are are truly hero's.

It's a lot of unspoken science really though.  From the very basics to sit, stay and heel to the technical side of hunting down a drug and reacting appropriately... the training of the working breed is the important part of it all.  Police dogs are working breeds.  Their fulfillment comes from just that.  A task.  A purpose.  The magic happens when the training begins and the human side of things shows a dog like this what to do.  It might be a guide dog, it might be a police dog, but their natural instincts tell them that they are supposed to be completing a task and when that task is defined and purposeful, it's really an amazing thing to watch unfold.  With Adam's experience in the K-9 Police Dog world and Jodi's expertise in pets, it's a great week for Dog Blessed viewers and it's a great week for those researching breeds they might like to give a forever home.

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