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Cedar Creek Township at the new playground is where you'll find us once again for this weeks edition of Fit and Healthy With Becky.  Our show is brought to you by Trinity Health and the hope is that you can add this to your active lifestyle as part of an over all wellness approach.  We're showing you a fell body workout this week involving a light weight dumbbell which can give you a little added resistance, but it not necessary if you don't have one, or it's too much of a strain on you. 



Arms, legs, core and cardio are all touched on this week.  An important balance of all for your good health.  You need strength and stamina for the optimal results and in this weeks workout, you're getting all of it.  Like all of our shows, once isn't really enough.  They are set up to be done three or four times through and maybe even repeated twice a day at the frequency.  Tone and shape are important, but that ability to last a while is essential in all you do and if you're constantly running out of breath, probably a good idea to check with a Dr.  

Please remember to warm up, and stretch out before you begin this or any other workout program.  Drink a lot of water.  Especially in these hot summer months and take some time to cool off too when you complete this workout so your body can recover properly.

Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health.

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