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We missed you last week.  With all due humble apologies,  there were some difficulties with a post op med that Andy was taking that left him sidelined after a surgical procedure, so we really had to slow things down.  BUT!  Your butt is one of our main focuses and to assure that it's in the best shape possible, we've got just one more episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health from the amazing beginnings of the park currently under renovation in Cedar Creek Township.  Of course, it's brought to you by Trinity Health.



It's your core and butt this week actually.  Becky has brought along a mat, however, it's not a necessity.  What you'll need to focus on is repetition and working with the discipline shown to make sure you get the most results from the routine.  Remember too, that it's important to do this 3, maybe 4 times through and maybe even twice a day.  This is about core and stability so working out the abs and leg muscles that keep you in balance is essential and vital to your over all fitness.  You might be able to skip leg day once in a while, but that core is your "power plant" and to keep it in shape, it's really where it all begins.  

Remember, especially when it's this hot and humid out, some self care has to play into your "self care".  Drink a LOT of water.  Warm up, stretch out and please check with a Dr. before you begin this or any other workout routine.  

Our many thanks to Trinity Health for their support of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.  

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