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Cedar Creek Township.  When mentioned, a lot of people in Muskegon ask "where's that?".  Well, it's a small quiet and remarkably picturesque township just up 120 and close to Dalton, Holton and Muskegon Township.  The Town Hall itself is a throwback to days gone by and looks like a one room school house.  It's run by a small staff and board of trustees that are committed to keeping that spacious and rural feel and they work very hard to provide what the community needs.  From striving for big things like getting natural gas service to areas who have to rely on propane delivery now, to increasing the reach to those who need better internet, it's a big task in a very loud world.  The are also remarkably in touch with the human needs in the area and help with food supplies a few times a year and the investment going in to the park and community area near the township hall will be a permanent and lasting massive green space where a lot of recreation and events can be held.  Events?  Yep.  The first one is August 12th and while it's a small start, the seeds are being planted. 



The idea of a community gathering is so much more than an event to give crafters and vendors a place to sell something.  It's a request for everyone to come and join in the day to stroll around, catch up and see what's going on.  It's also an invite from a community to the surrounding areas to come visit.  In Cedar Creek, you'll find the natural environment of woods, lakes and streams are abundant and the drive...up River Road or're in for hills, twists and turns that set the tone for your visit.  It's picturesque, it's humble and it's perfect for all 4 seasons no matter what you enjoy.  Linda Aerts is the Township Supervisor and she and her staff have been working overtime to organize this event. 

The Summer Market idea came about as a starter.  It's a rest run to get the staff and those who are pitching in to help acquainted with the idea of what happens at an event like this.  Cedar Creek is known for it's semi annual tire recycling events and they have those down to a science, but a simple start to an event like this will grow into much larger scale things in the future and the ideas are stacking up on how to best use the incredible open air area that will soon have a pavilion as the work continues on the park.

August 12th, you'll find music, food, crafters and vendors.  We'll have fire trucks on display for the kids for a while as well as a visit from the Muskegon County Sheriff's "Polar Patrol" handing out free ice cream while it lasts to kids to help them grow their respect for first responders of all stripes.   The kids will also enjoy the incredible new playground area....brand spankin' new in fact and you can gather up a glance at the walking trail that's being cleaned up as well as the ball fields, and more.  Cedar Creek is investing heavily in amenities for families and of all spots in the county....if you are looking for a space to stretch out and enjoy time with yours, you don't need to go much further than Cedar Creek.

The event is scheduled from 10-3.  Who says we can't go till 4 if things are going fine?  We'll have plenty of places for parking and while small by design, you can come out and support local people who've got amazing talent and are happy to welcome you.  A great way to see what's happening in Cedar Creek Township is to FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK

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