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A random act of kindness. They can be any number of things. It could be stepping in at a moment of crisis and helping someone past a hurdle. Might be an occasion when all hope seemed lost and you had the advice needed to make a difference. Maybe it’s just a passing gesture or kind word that someone needed to help them and you didn’t know you even had a role in the marked improvement of someone’s life. No matter how or where they come, those who are in the receiving end of a random act of kindness often tuck it away, or maybe they share it on social media. I had one happen not long ago and took the social media route and lo and behold, I found the person who was out spreading joy and asked if she’d be willing to share her inspiration. 


Belinda Dobe is from Holton and she and her husband Loren have some deep ties to the community. The park is named after Loren's uncle who was at one time the supervisor of the township. Belinda and Lorne were among the attendees of Holton Days a few weeks back and while the crowds were enjoying the parade, vendors food and attractions Belinda set out to show off just what some of that small town goodness is all about with her painted rock project called Rollin Rocks.

Inspired herself by others who do the same, Belinda thought it would be an easy way to put a little positivity into the world that wouldn’t cost a fortune and also bring together some painting helpers…like kids and grand kids, and believe it or not, even a great grand kid is just staring in on the painting.

She’s got spots she places them on a more regular basis but anywhere is her turf. The rocks also tend to take on a life of their own once they are placed. Some take off on travels. Furthest one known of at the moment is in Spain. Others, end up on a shelf or window sill at a home or maybe as a paperweight at a popular breezy dining destination like The Deck in Muskegon. No matter the final destination, it’s the origins that matter and the thoughtfulness and hope that went into this bitty gift of belief.

Should you be out and find a rock….painted up with something touching on it, flip it over….you may find a hint or two about who’s behind it. If it’s Belinda, well, now you know how to find her and join the cause if ya like. If it’s from another, see about sending that sentiment of joy back because the building of community comes from acts big and small as well as intended and random….and people like Belinda and Loren show just how it’s done Rollin Rocks, one at a time.  CLICK HERE CLICK HERE to follow the Rollin Rocks group on Facebook or the photo below. 

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