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Jodi is always striving for the best in her effort to help you and your pets live your best lives together.  She's also doing an amazing job at extending her circles into bigger and better areas of the pet world to bring in more high profile guests that can not only share their experience with you, they can affirm Jodi's direction and drive for all she does.  It's a 7 day a week job for Jodi to be a trainer, broadcaster and advocate.  This week, the excitement was profound as Pilley Bianchi is her featured guest to talk about her upcoming book, "For the Love of a Dog".


From her website - "Pilley Bianchi is the youngest daughter of Dr. John W. Pilley, Jr. the owner/teacher of Chaser the Border Collie, known internationally as “the smartest dog in the world.” Chaser has the largest formal language learning of any animal in the world. Bianchi has been involved in her father’s work with Chaser as a producer, co-trainer, writer, and media consultant."  She's got the goods to make it on the best of the best when it comes to media outlets and her experience is hard to match when it comes to expertise in dogs.  

Pilley's book "For the Love of a Dog" is getting remarkably high praise.  When Temple Grandin weighs in on what you've written, you know you're on the right track.  Pilley is also a composer and musician and in her writing this book it's a continuation on what her father began and that is the power of positive influence.  Not only the proper use of that with pets but how it can spill over into other areas of your life and have a much better outcome for people as well as pets.  It's not always easy, but with pets, kids and others the idea of the power of play helps prove that dogs want to learn, connect and grow with us.  In striving for this kind of relationship, it truly brings out the best in both pet and pet parent.  

You can CLICK HERE to order a copy of "For the Love of a Dog" if you'd like one and we'd like to say a very special thanks to Pilley for joining us on Dog Blessed this week.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven.  


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