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Attorney Shon Cook is the founder of Tabono Law and sponsor and contributor to the Muskegon Channel with her series "Saturdays With Shon".  Her practice is Family Law and she's been at the side of clients for years and works tirelessly with her team to assure the best outcome should you need the assistance of them in court matters.  This week, she's discussing the beginning stages of a divorce proceeding and who's going to remain in the residence upon the split. 


"I want a divorce and I want them out of the house."  Well......maybe.  If there's violence or a proven track of harassment getting "them out" on the spot might be a little more than can be done.  In a marriage, there's an awful lot of accumulated assets and to begin to sort out the division of assets is the job you are asking the lawyers and courts to do.  This requires an immense amount of work and rash decisions are not what this process is about.  That's not limiting the power of the court to issue a restraining order or to assert some kind of control in some cases.  Issues of danger and potential threats are taken very seriously, but....if it's just the fact that you can't stand the way someone chews may be in a position to have to cohabitate.  

This can bring out the worst in people.  Shon shares some instances of cases in the past where things have gotten a little dicey and some thoughts too about who handles the process better.  Being petty isn't exclusive to males or females.  It's a remarkably emotional and hard time to face for anyone, but the assistance of the legal system to help untangle all that's there is why we have it all in place, and to let people who have a deep understanding of the process assist is why Shon joins us as she does to help you understand the process completely. 

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