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It's a day of celebration as the continuation of a dream comes back online Downtown Muskegon on September 15th when Cajun Cuisine by US begins operating as it's own restaurant.  The journey that Kaja Thornton has been on has been the kind of story that movies are made of and her time given to us to share every step has been a thread in our features for a few years now. 



Kaja first came along to the Muskegon Channel as a guest of our celebrity chef LaKisha Harris. We used Kaja's Flavor Packs in a couple of recipes at the Soul Filled Eatery.  By the way....there's BIG news coming out of Soul Filled too.....stand by.  Back to Cajun Cuisine.  At one point the restaurant was housed in a different business at the same location, however's all under one management team and the work has been going in night and day to get to the place where they can open with confidence and provide an environment never seen in Downtown Muskegon.  Rich in flavor, warmth and a very welcoming atmosphere, Kaja and crew are not only opening a restaurant, they are planting a flag on a what the future holds.

Jack Page actually got a hold of us to talk about the big day.  Jack is a Chef himself and he's been a consultant on 17 restaurant openings in the area over the years.  Jack met up with Kaja and asked if there was a hand needed in getting things up and moving.  Jack also had a little to add to the mix as he had a plethora of restaurant equipment stored in the basement of the Frauenthal Center and sitting there collecting dust is no place for that kind of stuff in a booming downtown area.  Here's another thing about Jack....if a hand is needed, he's the guy to look to.  His dedication to Muskegon and the success of all of us easily explains why the opening of Cajun Cuisine "tugged at his heart" a little and he felt called to jump in and help.  Jack, you're one in a million.

The first bit that Cajun Cuisine is open, it's going to be a little limited.  You'll find wings and burger baskets to begin with as they work toward the full menu.  The atmosphere is super cool and the continued success of all of Western Avenue is the excitement.  Our most sincere thanks for the "scoop" on this one.  Make sure you stop in soon and visit!  

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