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Shon Cook is a Family Law Attorney and the Founder of Tabono Law.  This week, our conversation goes into a remarkably difficult area of co-parenting that most might not ever think of.  If a marriage fails, and there are kids with special needs involved, how is the parenting time going to be divided to the satisfaction of all?


Let's begin with the thought of "Special Needs".  It's a term often used with inclusiveness and the idea that differences among us shouldn't be a barrier.  However, it's a much broader term too as "special needs" could be a high functioning social disorder or, it could be the necessity for 24/7-365 care.  To split parenting duties up between two of who was the provider and one who was the care giver can create a lot of circumstances that take a great deal of attention to help make sure needs are met.  Everything that needs to be considered has to be thought through.  From the possibility of a schedule that can help keep some kids on track to knowing what kinds of medications to give and when all have to be given consideration.  We have to take into account too, things like long term care and what happens to support when the child reaches 18 and traditional support would run out. 

This is a very complicated week of Shon's advice.  It might be difficult enough for some that they may consider viewing this if their situation is similar.  The difficulties can almost be limitless and Andy struggles to even find a question to ask that can pertain to the subject as his mind starts racing from the beginning.  That's why the importance of a Family Law firm like Tabono Law is so important when it comes to immediate needs as well as the long game when it comes to needing a court to help settle matters as such.  Give them a call at 231-894-0909. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.VISIT THE TABONO LAW WEBISTE

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