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It's a game to some and to others, it's a nightmare.  Trying to get a pet to take medication, especially in a pill form.  Never fear!!  Jodi is here with a plethora of ideas to help making necessary medications a lot easier for you and your pet to get down the hatch, and of course, it begins with the proper approach to your pet. 


To begin with, what do we know?  Pets have great noses and great memories.  So....the thought of putting something foreign in their mouth like a pill could be a little bit of a battle of the wills.  If you've tried this before and failed, don't worry.  Jodi explains a multitude of ways to help the situation with great tips.  Tried the peanut butter route?  Pet find something foreign in it and spit it out?  Begin with something other than a pill inside that peanut butter that adds a chunky feel to the texture and earn a little trust.  Make sure too that you use a positive and fun attitude when approaching the pet with the idea of getting them to take something.  Still a problem?  Could the pill be crushed up and put into liquid?  They might not drink the medicine, but with a syringe it's easier to get down their throat.  Still searching?  There's always the idea of putting it in there, holding the mouth closed...but then what?  Jodi even tells you how to get most pets to reactively swallow.  This is why she's the one hosting the Dog Blessed show after all.

We appreciate our loyal Dog Blessed viewers.  Our thanks too go out to Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven as well as Clocks Timeless Pets in Muskegon for bringing the show to you week in and week out. Next week, Jodi is going to talk about trimming those nails of your dogs paws.

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