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Partnering with amazing organizations like Community Choice Credit Union is one of the most fortunate parts of our work.  Not only are they a members first kind of financial institution, they strive to improve the quality of life for all of the communities they work in and they do it in ways like not many can match.  From Back to School Backpacks, incredible celebrations of International Credit Union Day and the scholarship program that helps both collegiate and trade school bound students, investing in community is what it's all about.  November 17th, you can find out at their Ellis Road location in Norton Shores, and Community Choice Credit Union will be giving thanks by providing turkeys for your Thanksgiving dinner from 3p-5p.


Kevin Kohlhoff is the Manager of the Ellis Road Community Choice Credit Union.  What an addition to the team Kevin is.  He's an established business man.  A humble one too, he even just stuck to business here today, you'll see in the interview.  He's also got a lifetime of experience in retail, management, banking and leadership and to move into a role with Community Choice Credit Union is the "dream job".  His business kind of runs itself and it gives Kevin the opportunity to put service ahead of self in bringing all his acquired knowledge to the team to help the members of the credit union.  How to budget, what does the credit union offer that will make the most impact for their members?  He's on top of it all! 

As you've seen with Community Choice, the "gives" are big.  November 17th from 3p-5p the turkey's will be passed out on a first come, first served basis.  With anything Community Choice does too, there's usually a little more around the giveaway too, so make sure you get there plenty early.  It's a festive and fun way to celebrate and for Community Choice, it's a way to care for the community that helps them work.  There are more big "gives" yet to come in 2023 so please stick with us so we can keep you informed. 

If you've been to an event at Community Choice Credit Union, the feeling is SO much more than you get anywhere else.  Family and friends gathered to give back is truly what it's all about and you'll find that if you are thinking about where to do your financial work, so much more is offered than other places.  Their CHOICE MAP is an amazing tool they can help you work with.   Auto loans, home mortgages, youth accounts and more having Community Choice Credit Union become part of the fabric of the west side of the state is an amazing opportunity for us all!  We'll look forward to seeing you November 17th on Ellis Road! 


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