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Let’s begin with an introduction. Brian Sanders made some mistakes. Brian spent some time incarcerated and while the argument is often made that prison is not a solution, in Brian’s case it was a life changing miracle and an opportunity for a man to change everything about his life and to change what the generations that follow will see as an example.


While there was never any discussion of what the offense was, Brian has transformed himself into a proud business owner, a father who got a surprise from his daughter and a mentor to others who are trying to change their ways. He became a chef by using what he had on hand in prison. He developed sodium free solutions to help fight high blood pressure and other ailments. He found ways to prepare food in a microwave using only the things he could access from the commissary and he also spent enough time focused on his work and mission that the prison allowed him and some others to build a garden for fresh vegetables.

As the work went on inside, Brian would write down everything he did. Step by step and day by day. He would then mail the recipes home to his daughter and that’s where the incredible power of family comes in. His daughter who you’ll meet in our next few episodes, painstakenly kept every single recipe, every single note on what worked and didn’t and put them all in a binder, along with the certificates that Brian earned while taking classes in the prison to better himself. When he finally came home, she presented him with the cookbook. Today, he’s self-employed and even has room for his kids to work with him.

We have often called Muskegon a town where miracles happen. You just saw one.  Sanders Mobile Shop is one. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for some of Brian’s incredible dishes and a really great holiday punch that can be served with or without alcohol.

LaKisha has become an amazing advocate for finding those amazing success stories. Here’s to yet another Soul Filled experience on The Muskegon Channel.

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