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November is "Adopt a Senior Dog Month".  Did you know that?  Chances are that if you are a frequent viewer of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel, you do.  Just like Jodi, this show is all about pets and living your best lives with them.  Jodi is going to share her experience with fostering and adopting a senior dog this week with you and the passion behind it is amazing. 


An older dog that needs a home has a lot of benefits.  Some adjusting to new surroundings and people is to be expected, however the ideas of house breaking, training and all that goes in to a puppy (think of all the chewed up shoes and garbage cans eaten) is most likely a thing of the past.  You'll be getting a calmer pet that's adapted to a more casual lifestyle and doesn't require the intense focus it takes to train a puppy.  Fostering or adopting an older dog is as close to a turn key pet ownership as you can get.  Most are fixed, up to date on all their shots and just looking for someone to help them along in their golden years.  It's a pretty good way to be a pet owner if you are older and would enjoy a friend or, maybe if you'd like to test the waters with your kids on the idea and as long as the dog enjoys kids, it should be a pretty great experience.

We have plenty of older dogs available at area shelters, and Jodi features one from Big Lake Humane this week.  There are also bigger resources for people who are considering an older dog.  The GREY MUZZLE ORGANIZATION is one that Jodi brings up this week.  From their website - "The Grey Muzzle Organization improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal welfare groups nationwide."  What an amazing group that might have otherwise gone un noticed around here had Jodi not brought it up.

Our thanks to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their sponsorship of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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