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Monday!  Let's be honest.  A day of dread for some and for others, a day to carpe diem!  No matter how you face it, or when you face it, it's happening and Becky is here to accentuate or shift your views on the matter with episode 293 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.


While there are no added needs for weights or other resistance elements, it's been a pretty advanced few weeks with Becky and this is no exception.  On the floor you're going to find yourself in some positions you might never even knew were possible and find some muscles you never knew existed.  Legs, arms and midsection are all focused on and in that too, you'll be getting plenty of cardio and some agility as balance comes in to play this week.  It's by no means a beginners work out, so please pace yourself, but get the repetitions in.  

Always remember to warm up and stretch out.  Consult your Dr. before you begin this or any other work out program and drink that water!

Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health.  

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