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Let's begin this week by saying this is an advanced workout.  There's some lightweight dumbbells involved but so too is the Bosu Ball and it takes a lot of strength, balance and stamina to use one of these.  If the Bosu Ball is a bit much for you, it's ok to use a solid surface as opposed to the ball.  


The Bosu Ball adds in another complete world of agility to any work out.  Half a ball and half a hard surface, the Bosu ball makes you focus on balance and coordination while you put your body in motion around it.  It's an option used in many ways and there are about a 1000 different ways it can be used, but today, Becky is showing you how having one under you while doing the work out will get at muscles you didn't even know you had while you navigate the balancing act that is working out with this particular implement.  The biggest relief is that you're probably doing this workout at home, and it's only the cat watching you.  No need to be all paranoid about your technique.

Do keep in mind, you should consult your doctor before you begin this, or any workout program.  Always drink plenty of water and warm up and stretch out before you begin.

Our thanks to Trinity Health for their support of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.  


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