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We're getting down to business in this episode of Cooking With L'Soul.  We've featured Brian Sanders over the last few episodes who's taught himself his culinary skills while he was incarcerated and in the process, he would mail home the recipes to stay ahead of the game and not lose anything he was working on.  His daughter faithfully kept building the cookbook while he was away.  Having to utilize what was available behind bars, Brian had to learn how to make a pressure cooker out of a garbage bag.  How to prepare rice in a microwave popcorn bag.  How to get seasonings that would not only add flavor but be healthy enough to lower blood pressure with low sodium in it and more.  This week, he's bringing in all of that talent to make the most delicious chicken wrap you'll ever eat. 


This is one of the most delicious dishes that's been prepared on Cooking With L'Soul to date.  If you catch Brain Sanders out at a fair, festival or market, wait in line to get your hands on one of these and please, follow this success story as it grows.  Brain may have made some mistakes.  It's in the redemption of those that we find ourselves and how we can become more than we ever dreamed.  From the idea of being locked up to building a job for himself that could carry on to the next generation is an amazing accomplishment.  Miracles are real and when they come wrapped up and ready to eat like this wrap, you'll be ready for yours.

The ingredients are way to articulate to fit on the recipe card, so here ya go. 

Fried Rice Chicken Wraps
• 16oz of White Rice (Preferably Minute Rice)
• 3-6 oz of Boneless Chicken Breast
• 6oz of Velveeta Cheese
• Lettuce- Cooks preference. Romain is lettuce is preference
• Flour Tortilla Shell- Flavored shell optional
• 1 Small Onion- diced
• 1 Medium Bell Pepper
• 1 Medium Tomato
• ¼ stick of melted butter
• Sanders Rice Season Blend- Available in stores in 2024
• Sanders Meat Season- Available in stores in 2024
• BBQ Sauce
• Ranch

Step 1: Please start with preparing meat and vegetables. Start with washing the vegetables and trimming the access fat off the chicken breast. Once the chicken fat is removed, take your knife to put slice across one side of your meat. This will allow the meat to cook evenly in thicker pieces of meat and allow the season to fully absorb into your meat. We use a flat iron grill, but it can also be cooked in frying pan. Add a few caps full of olive or vegetable oil to aid in creating a moist product.

Next: While your meat is cooking, take your dry rice and place it in either a microwave safe bowl or a empty popcorn bag. Place your container in the microwave for about 10 minutes or less, allowing your rice to brown. Keep a close watch on the rice as it is cooking to sure it does not burn.

While your rice is cooking, take your washed vegetables and prepare them to be cut. Start with slicing the bell pepper in half, then remove the seeds and stem. Then proceed to slice it into strips. Next, you can begin to cut your tomato. First, place the tomato with the stem facing up. Remove any green stems. Proceed to cut the tomato in half from the stem to the bottom. Then, process to cut it into slices. Please repeat the same process for cutting the onion. Depending on the lettuce of your choice, it will need to be washed and sliced.

Now it is time to check on your chicken breast, taking the time to flip them over, allowing them to cook evenly on both sides.

Next, you want to check in on your rice. It should be a golden-brown color. Remove it from the microwave and set it to the side momentarily. Take this time to melt ¼ stick of butter in the microwave. Take the melted butter and pour it over your browned rice. Mix in the butter with a spoon, while adding Sanders Secret Rice season, or your favorite rice seasons or flavors. This is based on your preference as the seasoning is optional. Once this step is complete, ensure your rice is in a bowl if you used the popcorn bag and add hot water to your rice. Your water should completely submerge your rice. The water should not be over the equivalent of your pinkly fingertip. Place the bowl of rice back in the microwave for about 5 minutes or until the water has completely absorbed into the rice.

While the rice is back in the microwave, check on your chicken to ensure it is fully cooked. Your chicken should be cooked for about 20/25 minutes depending on the thickness of your chicken breast. Larger pieces are cooked closer to 30/35 minutes. Slice open your chicken breast down the middle to ensure that it is completely cooked through. Remove your chicken breast placing it in a bowl or on a plate while you go to check rice in the microwave.

Next you must check to see if the water has absorbed into the rice. Ensure that it is the right about of softness to your enjoyment, if not, add 1 cup of hot water and place it back into the microwave for another 3 minutes or until soft. Once rice is cooked to your preference, remove it from microwave.

Next, take your 6oz Velveeta cheese, cut it in half, then slice that half into smaller chucks. Take your cut chucks of cheese and place them into a glass bowl or measuring cup adding ½ cups of water. Place this in the microwave for about 3 minutes with frequent stops to stir it. Continue to microwave the cheese until it is melted into a liquid form.

Create an area for your wrapping station. You should have your sliced vegetables, cooked chicken breast, sauces, flour shells, and cooked rice in arm’s length. Start with placing your flour shell on a piece of aluminum foil that covers the size of your shell. Start with adding rice onto the shell, then cut your chicken breast into slices that are about the length of your pointer finger and the width of two fingers combined. Take this sliced meat and place it on top of the rice in the tortilla. Next, take your liquid cheese and drizzle it across your chicken slices. Then top your wrap off with your cut vegetables and sauce. Lastly, wrap your tortilla like a burrito with all the contents secured, slice it to your preference and enjoy the Sanders Way!

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