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It's an informative week on Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian.  While Olaf found himself a couch somewhere, Jodi spends some quality time with our wonderful sponsor Jodi Clock who's got a world of knowledge to share when it comes to end of life for both people and pets.  While pets might not be quite as complicated with end of life issues, they are not something you shouldn't prepare for and as far as the passing of people, the decades of knowledge Jodi has in the preparation for death is staggering.  She's seen it all as a Funeral Director and she's got three books and a now a podcast to help guide you into essential steps for your grand finale.


It's uncomfortable.  It's heartbreaking.  It's a moment most fear and it's also something most are a little afraid to talk about because it's "taboo".  Death is part of life however.  Jodi Clock has helped thousands through the process and along the way, she's amassed a wealth of knowledge about what needs to be done ahead of the loss of yourself or a loved one to prevent the snarls and tangles that can often come from being unprepared.  Things like wills and trusts.  The idea of how you'd like to be treated in the event of a minimal chance of recovery.  Crucial decisions that if made in advance, can save your loved ones the grief of trying to figure all that out along with mourning.  

JODICLOCK.COM is where you will find this dynamic speaker and wealth of knowledge.  Her Podcast "I Woke Up Dead, Now What!" is the latest feature added to the site along with her insightful blogs, links to order her books - "Navigating the Elder Care Journey, Without Going Broke", "The Talk", and "It's Complicated". and you can learn about her career and other ways to contact her even for speaking engagements.  

People or pets, no one anywhere likes to see the end.  But the preparation for it, is the most essential part of the process so that those who are still here can grieve, heal and carry on.  We can't thank Jodi and Clock's Timeless Pets enough for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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