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If you find yourself in the need of the assistance of an attorney, chances are that you are stepping in to a world of things that at minimum are foreign to you and in most cases probably overwhelming, emotional and stressful at the same time.  Especially when it comes to family law, there's so much at stake and there's also the idea that loss and failure have played into what's to come.  There's also the thought of costs, time and what the future may hold.  Being prepared to speak to your attorney is the key to making things work as quickly and smoothly as possible and Shon Cook of Tabono Law shares the steps this week.



Shon and her team at Tabono Law are relentless in the practice of the experience you'll have with an attorney.  Right down to saving you costs on the idea of getting started with their comprehensive intake document they will send you to begin, because you being on the clock with an attorney asking for your name address and phone number is really not the best kind of money spent. From there, the work begins and as much as you can have prepared for the meeting benefits you.  It's going to be an intense experience.  One great recommendation Shon has is to bring a close friend or family member, because guess what?  This is going to feel like you are trying to get a sip of water out of a firehose.  It's not your fault that an overwhelming amount of info comes all at once, and to have someone there to help catch what you might miss, it's a great idea.

A divorce is a crisis in the lives of just about anyone.  Steadfast and assuring help is what's needed and to keep the costs to a minimum, remembering what an attorney is and isn't is important.  To have a conversation and share some of the more intimate things will certainly happen, but to think of an attorney as a grief counselor isn't probably the best way to work it.  If you need the help of a legal team that will not only advocate for you, they will make sure that you money isn't being spent foolishly, call Shon and her team at Tabono Law at 231-894-0909This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE

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