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It's a time of joy and a time of giving.  We share what we can with others during the holidays and we hope that the goodwill and glad tidings carry through the year and that goes for pet lovers too.  Where better to meet up and talk about how you can help out in different ways or, even get some tips from some pretty knowledgeable people and a super special guest about having pets around for the holidays than Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven? 


Did you ever imagine that the one and only Santa Clause himself would be part of the show? Who better to help with advice when it comes to pets and new guests coming in the house?  There are some solid tips in there about letting pets approach guests first and allowing some "warm up" time as well as a reminder that's it's perfectly of to ask your guests not to feed the pets "people food".  Some of the rich and flavorful things we enjoy this time of the year might not be the best for a pets digestive system or could flat out be poisonous to them.

Back to the idea of giving and letting your heart out a little?  Velvet from Big Lake Humane is here this week too and talking about the needs that Big Lake Humane has this holiday season as well as some of the incredible forever friends that you can find there.  Took a quick look at the BLH site just now myself and so wish that I wasn't allergic to pets.  Beautiful dogs and cats, but remember, no pet is a holiday gift.  If you are adopting, it's a lifetime commitment.  

To know that we work with partners like Must Love Dog's Pet Boutique and that they put so much into not only the pets and customers they sell to, they do it for pets that don't even have a home.  It means the world to us.  Our thanks to Mr. Santa Clause himself for joining this episode of Dog Blessed too!  Enjoy the holidays and stay. 

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