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The stability ball is back and you'll be making the best use of it today in ways you've never dreamed.  It's all about being Fit and Healthy and Becky is here to guild you through all it takes to make a successful workout happen courtest of Trinity Health. 


The stability ball is a piece of exercise equipment so versatile, some even use them as their daily office chair to help them remain balanced on purpose.  It demands some focus and some attention to use one all day but for our work here today, you'll be moving all over the place.  Yep.  Arms, legs and midsection...and toward the end, you'll even see a workout  position from an angle we've never filmed before!  Whoop.  The key of course is to make sure that you do these workout's more than once.  3-4 times through is generally the recommended amount of sets to get the most out of what you'll see.

Keep in mind too, Becky is able now to resume some one on one as well as small group training in her own private studio.  It's a snap to get a hold of her.  231-557-9548.  Just give her a buzz and see what's available and tell her what your personal goals are to be more Fit and Healthy. 

Please do remember, that you should always speak to a Dr. before you begin this or any workout regimen.   Always warm up and stretch out before you begin and drink plenty of water!  

Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health

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