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It's episode 300 of Fit and Healthy With Becky Brought to you by Trinity Health. 


We could babble on with the usual rhetoric.  It's an incredible achievement that needs to be pointed out this week however.  After all, you already know that you're in for a workout with TRX straps, we told you there were two weeks of those coming along.  However, this achievement that needs to be acknowledged it's in that number.

300 shows.  Can you think of almost any program anywhere that's made it 300 shows?  It's a number not often seen no matter the platform.  Becky has been our longest tenured contributor of a weekly feature on the Muskegon Channel and her weekly viewership either remains at a very high average or grows a little every week.  In the past 12 months....97,000 have been a part of Becky's weekly workout.  That is a staggering number and it speaks volumes of Becky's character and commitment to her audience and community.

Becky, you are a gift to all of us and a treasured part of all we do.  Thank you for your dedication and devotion and we're hoping you stick around for 300 more.  Our deepest appreciation to Trinity Health for being the sponsor of Fit and Healthy With Becky.  We couldn't ask for a better partner. 

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