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EQ Bars!!  An implement or two that helps you work your arms, chest and core like nothing else using your own body weight for resistance!  WHAT?  You don't have EQ Bars?  Good news!!  A couple of sturdy chairs will suit ya just fine and we'll all get moving on a Monday with Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel brought to you by Trinity Health. 


Becky is sticking to those prime areas this week as well.  You'll be using your arms in ways that will test your endurance as well as your stamina and to get the most out of this work out, you'll want to go through the routine a minimum of three times.  The EQ Bars are a great tool, but you can supplement sturdy chairs, but there may be a little modification necessary if you do.  Some of the leg motions might be difficult if not impossible if your chair is tall backed, but if you are using a standard card table chair you should be fine.

Becky is not only here weekly with a new workout for you, she's got her own private facility now and is accepting clients in small groups or one on one to help you reach your goals before spring arrives.  Give her a call!  Find out just how affordable this gift to yourself really is and let Becky custom tailor your workout to suit your needs for body, mind and spirit. CLICK HERE to call Becky or dial 231-557-9548.

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