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Arms!  You're going to be working them out this week on Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.  The TRX straps can be replaced if you don't have a set, you need not worry.  If you have an anchor point and a nice piece of rope, or maybe a beach towel, grab it and let's go!


Strengthen and toning the arms is the goal this week and a variety of different moves is what you'll see using your body weight as the resistance.  Becky isn't forgetting the rest of your total package, you'll find some leg work as well.  This is a fun twist to the regular routine with the TRX straps or what you've come up with in their place.  You can even see that Becky seems to perk up doing these fun and almost playful workouts while "hanging" on to the strap.  

Becky is open to welcoming some new one on one clients as well as smaller groups in her personal studio!  We've been together with Becky for 304 shows.  Her commitment to her clients has been nothing short of incredible.  Be it in an anchor of a workout facility, her travelling to peoples homes to help and now, with her own studio....Becky's commitment to the people she work with on everything from nutrition to physical activity is proven success and we're so lucky to have here here weekly.  You can CLICK HERE to call Becky and learn more. 

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