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We had a question pop up this week from a viewer of the Saturdays With Shon program.  It's not the first, but it has been a while and it's an idea that we encourage as the complexity of the legal world isn't exactly defined by what we can dream up to talk about.  People find themselves in legal situations all the time and they are all unique.  This weeks question is a great one and it covers some ground for a lot of people that might wonder what role marital infidelity plays in the judgement of divorce.


Simply put, infidelity is a factor.  Like anything we've discussed on Saturdays with Shon though, it's not the factor that we all have in our minds eye from what we see from Hollywood.  "He/She cheated on me!!"  "The court hereby awards you everything!"  Probably not. 

However.  Careful consideration is given to how this has had an effect on the lives of children in the marriage and factors like honesty and transparency could play into a judges decision along the way.  One of the things not often thought about in an investigation, is the possibility of subpoena's on phone records.  They can't share contexts of conversations, but the frequency of numbers called is easily requested from a carrier.  Credit card statements.  Yep.  Easily acquired.  Trying to deny hotel bills on there might get you the side eye while a judge decides.  The biggest priority however is kids.  If they were exposed to any danger, or situations that can cause long term issues, infidelity can certainly play into both costs and time spent with kids in custody agreements. 

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