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It's "that day".  The wick is going to get turned up a little this week and Becky is going to strengthen and tone your core with a workout that will feel a little more intense than you might otherwise expect, BUT!  (yes, we're working to help you make that a smaller butt), BUT when you're done this week, you'll see you had more in you than you thought!  Welcome to episode 306 of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health. 


That core of yours is so important.  Balance and strength are the key factors of this area.  Making sure that you can do the minimum here is essential to any further activity of working out as most movement originates from the core.  From your lower back to the motion made when you turn, pivot and pick a direction, it's all happening in the core and we should mention too, the core is your center of gravity.  Pretty important to think about as you age and things come into play like balance and mobility.  A strong core is essential for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Becky is a Certified Personal Trainer and is brought to you here by Trinity Health.  If you like the weekly workout, Becky has also established her own, small private gym and is accepting new clients for one on one or small group trainings.  It's an incredible experience to have personalized workouts and nutrition programs designed for you.  To make contact with Becky simply call 213-557-9548.

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