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Episode 307!  It's amazing how Becky can continue to find ways week in and week out to stimulate, motivate, inspire and improve the lives of those who keep coming back for more of her workout routines. Becky is an outstanding Certified Personal Trainer and works here with us and is accepting new clients for one on one or small groups in her private studio!  This week, she's focusing on your shoulders and it's the beginning of 4 weeks of some rather high intensity workouts, brought to you by Trinity Health. 


Your shoulders are part of your body where your arm bones meet at your torso. Two main shoulder joints connect your shoulder blade, upper arm and collarbone. They allow you to use your arms and give you a wide range of motion.  Strength and flexibility are essential in them as you can imagine because without it, well, most everything you do with your arms probably isn't going to happen.  Becky is utilizing some floor space and body motions this week to begin with and works her way up and adds in some dumbbells to complete this workout which is recommended you do 3-4 times through for the maximum effect of the process.

We recommend of course that you speak to your Dr. before you begin this, or any other workout program.  Remember the importance of drinking plenty of water too and warming up and stretching out before you begin.  Also, if at any time you feel that the weight is too much or the motions are past your ability, lower the amount of weight or shorten the reach you are making.  

Would you like to set up a more detailed work out with Becky?  She's accepting new clients and small groups!  Call 231-557-9548 and learn more!

Our thanks to Trinity Health for their support of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.  

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