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As we've built and grown, we added a new page recently called Muskegon, Better!  The idea behind the page is that we're bringing in new content creators with fresh ideas and outlooks on things that are improving the quality of life for all of us in the Muskegon area.  It might be in big ways, it might be small but there's so much going on tipping the scales to the "good" we thought it best to give it all it's own space!  It's also a great spot to bring yoga back into our weekly publications and when life presents the opportunity it did for us with Swenja Tanner, you grab it quick.



Let's rewind the story quick.  Last summer, we lost our neighbor.  It was a terrible shock as he was truly one of the most genuine and remarkable people we've ever known.  Never anything but good, helpful and a walking set of knowledge and wisdom that no money would buy.  While we lost a neighbor and friend, Swenja lost her grandfather.  We all mourned.  As time went by though and the family sorted out matters, Swenja decided that it was time to make the move into home ownership and we got a new set of neighbors.  Like anyone, kinda one of those things where we think we owe the youngins the same kind of love their granddad gave us.  They came over to introduce themselves and asking what they did for a living, Swenja said "I'm a yoga instructor" and right there, she got the job.  Her other half's family owns a pizza place in Kalamazoo.  Could that get any better?

Leaving the cooperate world in the pandemic, like so many other young people, she knew it was in her to chart her own course.  Staring her own yoga experiences and also adding in the idea of travel and adventure to be a part of it all, it's a level of determination that seems to be so much stronger than those in our 50's had.  Well, some of us in our 50's anyway.  There's nothing but "let's do it" in her drive and taking the steps and sharing the adventure with a respect to keeping the mind and body in balance is how she pulls it all together.  On the thought of those travel adventures, CLICK HERE to take a gander at upcoming excursions to Costa Rica and Sedona.  

In coming to Muskegon, she's all in on exploring and learning!  As we finished filming it was a list of referrals that was the first order of business so she can get right to it and become familiar in a hurry.  Next, the ideas of "Where can you take me to film that's awesome" popped up.  I said not much to worry about there.  We have a picturesque spot or two.  Then.... "Look at our yard....could we do lakeside Yoga here?  Yup....and if you need more yard....we're right next door.  

Brace yourselves Muskegon.  Swenja is here.  Be ready to get your yoga on.  Check out MINDFUL MOVEMENTS YOGA on Muskegon, Better!

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