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We're visiting Shon Cook this week at Tabono Law to learn a little more about the practice.  We spend these times weekly helping people understand some of the complexities of the legal world or letting you know a little more about the available resources that are out there like mediation and other ways to help settle matters outside of a court appearance.  This week, however Shon wants to kind of share some more thoughts about her evolving practice and other areas of focus they value in our community. 


It can't be stated strongly enough that the Tabono Law commitment to helping people understand more about the legal world they work in by being here weekly or bi-weekly is their first outreach.  Informed people who understand the process they are involved in make the entire job of legalities easier for the whole industry.  Shon takes that part of her advertising budget and commits it to you directly by sharing her knowledge.  Next, philanthropically, Shon and the team at Tabono Law put their efforts toward community projects that are seen and some that are not so seen.  Monthly, she's a part of the Step It Up Muskegon program with Scherdel Sales and Technology.  Collectively, close to $30,000 has been placed into the hands of 501c3 organizations through this work.  The Tabono team also commits time monthly to be a part of a community activity outside of their office to help where needed.  In Muskegon, that is one of the most sure fire ways to endear yourself to others as well as learn what kind of needs there are, and what kind of impact is made.  As we recorded today too, we found out that while it was a rainy Friday afternoon, they all still had planned to gather up trash bags and go up and down Merriam Street in Muskegon Heights and clean up their own area.  Make the world a little better in just your spot....can't argue that idea.

Tabono Law is the firm you need for anything when it comes to family law.  Their growing team of attorneys and staff have an incredibly well versed background in all things from divorce and custody to mediation, child abuse and neglect and domestic violence needing a PPO.  They are caring and dedicated professionals who's commitment to their clients is second to none and should you have the need for their services, there's only one call to make.  231-894-0909.  You can also CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SHON DIRECTLY.  You are invited to VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE as well. 

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