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We've come to a milestone!  From a wide viewpoint, to bring a media company to life is a long road.  To bring in people who've never really done traditional media to the experience is a difficult part of it as well and asking them to believe and understand that things might start off a little slow, but stay the the guy who's been crazy enough to give this a try and it will blossom.  This is episode 100 for Jodi and Olaf of Dog Blessed and a quick look over the growth of this program from her first guest appearance on November 23rd of 2021 until now, there have been close to 201,000 page views by pet lovers everywhere.  That's drive and determination on Jodi's part and we're really amazed by her!  Jodi, thank you and congratulations!


On the show this week, Jodi is asking you to do something very special! Take a listen and learn how she'd like you to help celebrate this milestone.  It's not only a great way to help celebrate the occasion, it's a great way to preserve memories for yourself and to keep all that you love about having a pet for a long time to come.  Understanding the bond between pets and people is where it begins and from there, Jodi brings in the expertise to fine tune the relationship and keep your pet healthy and engaged.  Finding ways to bring in great guests has been another staple and of course, helping pets find their forever home is not only a part of Jodi's heart for the animals, it's her way of showing you how much your life can be enriced.

We have to take a moment too to say thank you to amazing sponsors like Clock Timeless Pets, Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven and a special shout out to The CBD Store in Fremont who were with us for at least the fist half of Jodi's run!  What's to come in the next 100?  Stay tuned and see!  Don't forget too that Dog Blessed is available on the Muskegon Channel for your Roku and Amazon Firestick TV devices!  It's a free download from your channel store.

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