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Kooi Housewares has been part of our publishing's for a long time.  We're really thankful for their support and really amazed to see just how much they do both as a retail shop located on Sun Dolphin Drive just off Sherman and online too.  They have actually been online longer than having a retail footprint, 10 years of online sales has given them the position of being a market leader when it comes to knowledge and expertise in not only what's cool and for functional kitchenware, but selling it on a much larger platform.



Josiah Kooi is the man behind the business and to have watched the growth and evolution of this business for a while, has been a great learning experience. Not only in the way he's worked to grow methodically, step by step, but to see too how much goes in to the purpose behind the business as well as the bottom line.  It's a family run business, and as a family there are some that have been part of it for a while and some family members coming in still.  They all bring a special set of skills, including a new nephew who's got an eye on a video editing and producing career and will help around the shop while building the skills to help them advertise, utilize video content better and reach further both locally and online.  Pretty exciting to meet him on our visit.

We certainly give you a look at some of the newer and cooler things in the shop on our visit.  From functional colanders that you can take from garden to sink with what you've grown (they make awesome looking Easter Baskets too) to some of the newer local products like rubs, teas and coffee blends to a preview of a new honey product they will soon be carrying they found at a trade show in Atlanta.  There's no moss growing under the feet at Kooi Housewares, they are on the lookout all the time for the coolest, and best line of products for your home and kitchen.  There's a bigger piece here too.

With his skills in online entrepreneurship, and deep commitment to faith and charitable endeavors, Josiah found an organization to help and it's an amazing give.  World Orphans is an organization that helps people in developing countries learn a marketable skill.   From the World Orphans website - "At World Orphans, our Economic Empowerment program creates a space for artisans to contribute by using their God-given talents and abilities. We believe that building stronger families and improving quality of life begins with recognizing that every person is created with purpose, value, and possesses intrinsic dignity."  Josiah saw an opportunity to partner with the organization to not only help spread the word about their work, they are able to help bolster the sales through an already established e-commerce pipeline.  Need great leather items handcrafted with purpose?  Time to stop in to Kooi Housewares or shop online.  

We celebrate the growth, strength and purpose of this great family run small business in Muskegon!!  Thanks to Josiah and crew at Kooi Housewares

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