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Itinerance.  It's a 75 cent word for routine and the discipline that comes with it.  Some people rely on it day in and day out.  Some can't take the structure and order and prefer spontaneity.  This week on Dog Blessed, Jodi is going to talk about how the importance of a routine for a pet and how it benefits their life and overall health.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Must Love Dogs pet boutique in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets.   


A routine in the life of a pet provides a consistent schedule for feeding, walking, playtime, and bedtime will help develop his mental and emotional health. It will also improve his physical health by making sure he gets enough exercise to reduce digestive distress and prevent obesity.  Also, A routine means that they can predict events, which is so important for their wellbeing and helps to avoid them feeling anxious. An established routine can also help avoid behavior problems.  Consistency and that 75 cent word again - itinerance, bring them security and stability.  This isn't to say that breaking out of it once and a while isn't also essential because animals like to explore, sniff and be stimulated by new things too, but chaos isn't their friend and can lead to a plethora (75 cent word) of other problems.

Jodi explains it all this week, eloquently as always and offers some more help in other ways too.  Dog Blessed is ramping up their season of events and activates to both help train, and socialize your pet.  The Dog Blessed Dog Walking Group is always looking for new members and there's an entire page for Upcoming events :

We are thankful to our amazing sponsors Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.


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