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Combing the local group pages on Facebook, I stumbled on what I thought was a small farm store in Moorland Township.  I sent the page a message, and got a reply that said they'd be happy to meet up for a story.  Off to Moorland I go and when I got store.  Only a roadside stand and my first thought was that maybe I didn't read in enough.  Set up the camera, waited for the baby to finish eating and began to tape.  Yes indeed, I didn't read in anywhere near enough...because Ryan and Courtney Lambert are two incredible people and their story doubles that. 



Moving from the Kalamazoo area with their 5 kids, Courtney and Ryan still work "regular jobs" while they are building their enterprise and farm.  If you take a scroll down their Facebook page as I did, you are going to see first hand the amount of work and dedication these young people put into their craft.  Ryan concentrates on growing vegetables that are sought out by artisan chef's.  Courtney grows and arranges flowers and when in season, there's a subscription package that people can get for her arrangements.  She's also a baker.  Here's a moment of transparency for you too.  It was the baking that called me to action to go cover the story. :)  Artisan breads, scones, dinner rolls and more.  To get a glimpse of one is like looking at fine art and to see Courtney work on them in her video's is nothing short of amazing.  This couple embraces all of the quality and tradition that's missing most places while bringing young and fresh ideas to our area.  

As they work to grow, the plan is to expand their farming over generations.  It's been born into the family after all.  They invite people to the farm for weddings and workshops from time to time.  They sell seeds and bouquets as well as artisan candles and if you can't make up your mind, there's always the gift card option.  Their website offers a "news" section and on it, you'll find plenty of good news in the form of recipes and ideas to get you involved in gardening too.  

One thing about the Family Craft Farm in Moorland Township that's abundantly clear?  There is drive and focus behind the idea of tradition and charm wrapped up in a family that is committed to providing excellence for those they work with or serve.  Agriculture is essential.  Without it, we don't eat.  To be able to put artistry into the agriculture and find ways to turn bounty into beauty takes skill, passion and commitment and the Lamberts are all that and then some.  Add in their coming to Muskegon and finding a thriving community to be a part of as their family grows, it's an amazing thought that they picked here to call home.  We wish them all the success in the world, and will be awaiting the newxt window to order up some of their fine baked goods.....heading back to Moorland soon!  

To see the Family Craft Farm's website were you can place an order or book an experience, CLICK HERE.  If you would like to follow them on Facebook and see the work in action, CLICK HERE to follow them.  It's really worth a watch.  We can't thank the Lambert family enough for having us out for a visit.  Good neighbors to have.  

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