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It's episode 115 of Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian and she's bringing in all the know how about dogs there is on the Lakeshore welcoming both Tonya Christiansen from Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven and Paula Smith who's her partner in Dog Blessed.  The discussion is a boor review, make it two book reviews about the "Forever Dog" and the "Forever Dog Life".  It's good.  You should stick around. 


Being well versed in all things about pets and pet health, you couldn't find three better to discuss these books.  Both books focus on pet longevity science, healthy recipes for your pets and tools and rules to keep in mind when it comes to the long term management and care of your pet.  After all, you do want to keep them around a while, right?  Our pets are an essential part of life to so many and to give them the best in return is what we can do.  The discussion among Jodi, Tonya and Paula is genuine and focuses on some of the same things you hear about keeping people healthy.  Fresh food as often as possible, because you get out what you put in.  Work on feeding your pets a better diet and think of the things like joint health in their lives as well as how shiny the coat is and how appealing they look.  Health is a number of factors and these books along with this discussion by three highly qualified professionals is very valuable.  

Don't forget, Jodi has a summer filled with educational and fun experiences for you! 

The list of events coming up is as follows:

June 26th 6pm Is my dog reactive ?

July 9th 10 am Kids trick dog training. Bring your friendly dog.

July 23rd 6pm Basic nutrition dog /cat with Tonya

Aug 13th 10 am Kids seminar on dog communication, bite prevention and positive training

Aug 27th Trick training for all ages with friendly dogs or come learn without your dog.

May 20th Dog Walk 6pm at Beechwood park with Dog Blessed Dog Walking club

June 27th Dog Walk Downtown Muskegon with Must Love Dogs and Dog Blessed

 Dog Blessed is ramping up their season of events and activates to both help train, and socialize your pet.  The Dog Blessed Dog Walking Group is always looking for new members and there's an entire page for Upcoming events :

We are thankful to our amazing sponsors Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.


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