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At the Muskegon Channel, we're planning on being a little more than just another website where you might get to see a friend or neighbor and something they are up to, or part of.  To me, it's paramount that people in Muskegon and our surrounding areas are the story.  The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon are being developed to give us a little louder voice and show the rest of the world just what a great place Muskegon is...along with the people in it. 

bbtrainerBecky Biesiada Courtesy Radaris

We offer so much.....we have the talents and personalities to show just that right here in town, and when one of those amazingly talented people comes to you with an idea for something good, you listen. 

Becky Biesiada is a personal trainer here in town.  She and Mary Switzer of The Gym on the 4 corners in North Muskegon brought the idea of doing an exercise segment for a few weeks and see what happens.  Best thing about The Muskegon Channel?  There's no parent company telling us what we can and can't do.  

Here is the first installment of Fit and Healthy with Becky from The Gym.  It's a 4 minute work out you can do at your own speed, you can do more than once or you can share with your friends to get them in on the fun!  Ladies and gents... Ms. Biesiada.






Whew!  I know I am winded! How's that for cool?  Your own time efficient work out, done by a local a local gym...on a local media source that wants to see all things Muskegon flourish!  What a concept.  Work it this week.  Watch on your computer, your smart TV, phone.. whatever.  It's a great work out and next Monday, we'll have another one for you!

If you'd like to connect with Becky click on the logo below and shoot her a message on her website!

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