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Episode three is here for Fit and Healthy With Becky Biesiada from The Gym in North Muskegon!  It's a daily 4 minute work out designed to be done at your own pace and you can do it more than once a day too!  If you've been participating in the work out's....we've been meaning to tell you... you look fabulous!  If you're enjoying the work out... Becky offers personal training and her dedication to her clients is second to none!


Stretch out...warm up a little and let's get to it!  Get Fit and Healthy with Becky on the Muskegon Channel

If you like the short version, consider a visit to Becky's website.  You'll find it linked in the photo below!  If you'r elooking for a great gym, run by local people with no pressure, stop into The Gym and take a short tour!  It's located on the 4 corners in North Muskegon.


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